spirit spine, better than the 1st


So, I’m only 2 weeks or so into the Weekly Tape Deck and I noticed how lousy my first post was.  No tags, two links, just a jpeg and a song.  Well, Sprit Spine‘s s/t album is slowly making its way to the top of my list for the year and I thought it would only be right if I gave it better justice this time around.  I’m sure you’ve all heard Ian Curtis/Noah Lennox correlations (or maybe you haven’t), but SS’s Joseph Denny definitely leaves his own creative mark on this album.  My most recent favorite track on this album is “Heart Races”.  Dreamy and familiar but still mixed with catchy pop samples from Peter and Bjorn‘s “Young Folks” and even “Everyday I’m Hustlin'” by Rick Ross (that could very well be the first/last time I mention that name on this blog).  The self titled album has been released on iTunes for a while now,  but I have a feeling that Neon Aztec has plans for this young artist.  Now only if they would start interstate touring….

Spirit Spine – Heart Races


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