crystal castles cancel dallas show

two l's this time

So I rush home from work to throw on some clothes, and make serious haste, in order to make it to the Crystal Castles show in time (and now we have a good camera!).  By the time we get to the Granada Theater the place is packed.  I’ve never seen anything like this, there was a line wrapped all the way around the building, madness.  Luckily we already had tickets, but when we get to the front the doors are shut tight and no one is getting inside.  What the hell is going on here?!?  Rumors filled the air, “Some dude from Vega stole CC’s beer and they got pissed and left!”, or “Ethan’s seamstress fucked up and made his jeans way too tight, so it’s too hard for him to manuever on stage!”, I wasn’t buying any of it.  Finally a door opens, and its some Granada “bouncer” guy saying “CANCELLED!”.  Really, the Crystal Castles are just going to cancel their Dallas show?  I didn’t want to believe it.  Anyways, according to their band manager ,“After witnessing the CC soundcheck, the owner of the club was afraid that CC would ‘blow up the soundsystem’ and the show was cancelled, after three hours of arguing.” Can’t we just settle our differences and give the sold out crowd some ear candy?  Crystal Castles are talented indeed, but this was a total letdown for me.  Not saying I’m forming an anti-CC picket line or anything, but my feelings are definitely broken :(….

update: Appears as if a whole lot of “prima donna” b.s. went down last night causing this show to be cancelled. An alleged stolen fx pedal by VEGA (denied by Palomo) in Austin, CC hires light tech/dj from Austin to take their place unbeknownst to said band, late soundchecks, and a kick drum that CC said didn’t sound so great. Lame way to cancel a show. Here is the email from Granada Theatre and check out to get the full details of all the tweets, emails, and other non pleasantries @ gorillavsbear

E-mail from Granada Theatre owner Mike Schoder
Let me start with a definition:
Prima donna: Prima donnas cannot help the way they are because their parents spoiled them and they are still developing their personalities. All a pre-madonna has to do is whine and their parents give them what they want.

Here’s how our day went at the Granada on Tue:
Vega (Alan from Ghosthustler) opened for CC in Austin Monday night. At 5pm (3 hrs before doors) we received a call from CC that Vega could not be on the bill.

Vega had been approved by CC in advance for the bill. Early on Tue CC hired a light tech from Austin that is also a DJ to replace Vega.

CC could have communicated with Vega early in the day before they left Austin.

Vega was at the Granada waiting to soundcheck.

CC would not enter the building until Vega was gone from the premise.

Alan was super cool. No pre-madonna.

We’ve never seen this request. The other co-promoter out of Austin has never seen this kind of request.

CC whining…

CC soundchecked at 6pm instead of at 4pm.

CC didn’t “like the sound of their kickdrum”.

CC insists that “more woofers be brought in”.

Rental places close at 6pm.

It is now 7pm.

Granada has 16 – 18″ sub-woofers and 12 – 15″ sub-woofers. Also 32 – 8″ midranges. Lots of firepower.

Sound check was great.

CC says they would rather cancel the show than possibly not have enough kick drum.

Granada begs that the show goes on.

Granada even offers to dismantle sub woofer stacks and place them in different places in the room.

Granada was willing to do anything to have the show go on.

CC waits until after 10pm to give final cancellation.

The show must go on. Life is all perception. One person sees the day as beautiful, another sees the day as crap.

Why would any band crap on their fans like this?

Insecurity is a cancer. Love yourself. Love your sound guy and the system at the club you are playing.

Play the show. Then listen to your fans. If you don’t like the sound at a club never go back to the club.

We’ve had every big band imaginable in every genre imaginable and had amazing shows.

Nobody has complained about our sound. This is totally out of left field.

The sound at Granada is amazing…and would have been if CC would have just got on stage and played.

Today, Granada is refunding ticket cost and entire service charge to each patron. No one cares for live music more than we do. We’ve put together an amazing room, staff and sound system.

We’ll see you soon fellow music fans.
Mike Schoder and all the Staff at Granada.

photo: nic voss


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